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G-600 – TBM 850 700 Garmin G-600, Trilogy, L-3 Trilogy, Glass Panel Upgrade.


Airspeed Tape: Displays Groundspeed (GS), Airspeed Trend, Current Airspeed, and True Airspeed (TAS). Markings depending upon installation configuration.

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Wind Vector: Displays direction and speed of wind.

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Outside Air Temperature (OAT): Displays the current outside air temperature.

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NAV Status Window: (NAV Style 2 Shown) Displays which GPS is selected as the Active Source, Active Waypoint (WPT), and Distance to Waypoint (DIS), NAVE Style 1 (Not Shown) displays Active Source, WPT, DIS, Desired Track (DTK), and Current Track (TRK) at top of screen.

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GPS Steering (GPSS): Provides roll command signals calculated by the GPS navigator to the autopilot in order to allow the aircraft to anticipate turns, make smooth transitions when passing waypoints, and fly leg types such as procedure turns and holding patterns.

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Distance Measuring Equipment (DME): Displayed next to the HSI, the DME can show NAV 1 or NAV 2 distance information directly on the PFD page.

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Soft Key Labels: Located on the bottom screen of the PFD and MFD. Selection is done by pressing the corresponding soft key. Soft keys that are available have the labels show as white text on a black background. Soft keys that are selected have the labels shown as black text on a gray background. Soft keys that are unavailable have the labels shown as gray text on a black background.

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Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI): Displays the Selected Heading Box, Current Heading, Turn Rate Markings, and Heading Trend.

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Vertical Speed Tape: Displays Vertical Speed and the Vertical Speed Bug.

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Barometric (BARO) Setting: Displays the current setting of barometric pressure.

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Radar Altimeter Display: Displays current height above ground from the radar altimeter. Brown band in altitude tape represents the ground.

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Flight Path Market (FPM): Is known as a Velocity Vector. It is displayed on the PFD at ground speeds above 30 knots. The FPM depicts approximate projected path of the aircraft accounting for wind speed and direction relative to the three dimensional display.

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Traffic Advisory (TA) Symbol: The traffic advisory system may be displayed on the PFD and/or MDF. The traffic can also be displayed in the SVT feature on the PFD as well.

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Roll Pointer and Slip/Skid Indicator: The slip/skid indicator is the bar beneath the roll pointer. The indicator moves with the roll pointer and laterally away from the pointer to indicate lateral acceleration (slip/skid).

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Altitude Tape: Displays Current Altitude, Altitude Trend, Altitude Bug, Altitude or Radar Altimeter Minimums Bug, and BARO setting.

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