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Roll Indicator: The roll indicator consists of a roll scale and a roll pointer. The white scale lines are set at +/- 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 degree tick marks with a downward white triangle representing the 0° mark. The roll pointer is an upward pointing triangle located on the inner arc radius of the roll scale.

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Slip/Skid Indicator: The indicator has a black background with a white border. A slip/skid indicator ball is positioned in the center of the indicator scale between two vertical lines. The Slip/Skid indicator has a range of ±7°.

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Aircraft Reference Symbol: Located in the center of the attitude display, the aircraft reference symbol is a fixed square boresight with L-shaped "wings" to each side of the boresight. The symbol provides a fixed reference as compared to the attitude background, pitch ladder, and roll indicator to determine the aircraft's pitch and roll attitude. The aircraft is at zero-degree pitch when the intersection of the blue (sky) and brown (ground) artificial horizon intersects the boresight.

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Airspeed Tape: The IAS tape is located on the left side of the digital display. The tape scrolls up as aircraft speed decreases and scrolls down as aircraft speed increases. The tape has a viewing range of 0 to 450 kts, and tape viewing span of 60 kts. Tick marks are shown every 10 kts and numbered digits shown every 20 kts.


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Heading Tape: The heading tape is located at the bottom of the display. The tape moves left and right following the direction of the aircraft. The tape is a contiguous 360° linear scale and remains viewable when the display attitude is displaced up to a minimum of +/- 55 in pitch and roll. The tape is removed whenever the menu window is opened.

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Heading Digital Readout: The readout is located above the heading tape and displays the aircraft's current heading referenced to magnetic north. The heading value has a range of 001° to 360° with a resolution of 1°. The readout is removed whenever the menu window is opened.

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 Vertical Speed Readout: The vertical speed readout displays current rate of climb/descent in feet per minute. The arrow to the left of the readout indicates climbs or descents.

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Synthetic Vision and Navigation: The L3 Genesis features a three-inch display that incorporates synthetic vision (SynVis), obstacles, terrain alerting and navigation.

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Altitude Digital Readout: The odometer styled digital readout is located in the center of the altitude tape and displays the current baro-corrected altitude in feet above mean sea level (MSL). The readout can show a minimum of -2000 feet and maximum of 56,000 feet. A left justified minus sign "-" appears when altitude is less then zero.

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Pitch Ladder: The pitch ladder scale is located in the center of the display with short horizontal lines positioned every +/- 5°, and longer, labeled, lines every +/- 10°. The pitch ladder rotates around the aircraft reference symbol in relation to aircraft's roll and scrolls up and down in response to the aircraft's pitch. The scale has a maximum pitch of +/- 80°. A bullseye appears at the ±90° position of the pitch ladder. 

Red "V" shaped chevrons appear on the pitch ladder when the unit is placed in extreme pitch. The chevrons point towards the horizon with the point of the chevron positioned at 35°, 50° and 65° (sky-background) and -25°, -45°, & -65° (ground-background).


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Barometric Pressure Window: Located at the top right of the display screen. The value shown is used by the indicator to determine the current altitude. Configuration Option: The baro digits may be white, blue, or green on a black background. The units shown in the window can be changed using the menu screen and has three settings: "in. Hg", "hPa" and "mb".


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