TBM 910 Cockpit

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Garmin G1000 NXi

The Garmin G1000 NXi combines high resolution display design with state-of-the art processors. This new hardware provides a faster system boot up and software loading. It enables the system to manage more aviation data and maps, such as visual approach plates, and offer more capabilities such as enhanced situational awareness. It also adds improved wireless cockpit connectivity, allowing aviation database upload using Garmin Flight Stream FS 510. It also gives an “Analog feel” to the pilot through the new keyboard joystick which provides more accurate panning and fluid navigation on the multi-function display pages. Furthermore the cockpit offers a new layout, a new digital hourmeter, 3 High Power USB Charging Ports (5 VDC/3A) replacing the 12 V power plug.

TBM E-Copilot

Benefit from the new e-copilot functions to ease your workload with AOA (Angle of attack) indicator, ESP/USP (Enhanced Safety Protection/Under Speed Protection) systems, EDM (Emergency Descent Mode) on your autopilot. A smart stick shaker warns you in the event you fly outside the flight envelope.

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Angle of Attack Sensor

An Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor with visualization on the cockpit’s Primary Flight Display electronic instruments secures pilot's maneuvers.

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Ergonomic Yoke

Design for ease of use, the TBM 910 yoke includes integrated push-buttons features like Control Wheel Steering, ATC Ident, Stormscope and Com frequency swap. The center of the yoke is specifically designed to optionally mount a mini iPad which puts everything at your fingertips.

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Single Lever Power Control

A single, ergonomically designed lever controls engine power, propeller and engine condition. In addition, its new electronic power center allows the TBM 910 to start almost twice fast as its predecessors and automatic starter cutoff which reduces pilot workload during the startup sequence.

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Landing Gear Control Box

The landing gear control system has been redesigned for easy identification of gear status and to ease troubleshooting.


USB Power Outlets

Charge any electronic devices with available USB outlets directly from the dashboard.


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