TBM 900 Cockpit

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Cockpit Ergonomics

The new reclined panel, with its better instrumentation improves your flying experience and comfort. Instrument descriptions and labeling have been re-engineered which makes instrumentation reading essentially easy and yields more panel room for sight comfort.

New Ergonomic Yoke with Remote Command Buttons

The new ergonomic yoke fits your hand like a glove. Integrated pushbuttons for features like Control Wheel Steering, ATC Ident, Stormscope and Com frequency swap puts everything at your fingertips. The center of the yoke is specifically designed to mount an iPad if you should choose. The redesigned panel includes 2 built-in USB power ports as well as a conventional 12V charger socket to keep your personal electronics fully charged. An interface for a personal music source such as an iPod is also right there on the panel.


Single Lever Power Control

The TBM 900 is the first single-engine turboprop to feature single lever control. A single, ergonomically designed lever controls the engine power, propeller and engine condition. In addition, its new electronic power center allows the TBM 900 to start almost twice as fast as its predecessors and automatic starter cutoff reduces pilot workload during the startup sequence.

The lower panel has been redesigned to provide easier access to de-icing, intertial seperator and other controls as well as to provide more leg-room for taller pilots. Pressurization settings are now completely automatic.


New Landing Gear Control

The landing gear control system has been redesigned for easy identification of gear status and to ease troubleshooting.


Redesigned Panels

Backlit to enhance readability

TBM 900, cockpit, de-ice control panel, backlitTBM 900, cockpit, environmental control panel, backlit


Integrated Music Access

Access for personal music devices with integrated USB and 12V charging ports is now standard on every TBM 900.


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