TBM 930 Performance



330 kts, the maximum cruise speed of the new TBM 930 making it the world’s fastest certified, pressurized single-engined turboprop.

Hartzell 5-Blade Composite Propeller and New Spinner

The TBM 930’s five-blade composite propeller has been designed by Hartzell Propeller specifically to improve the aircraft’s takeoff distance, climb and cruise speed. The TBM 930 also is a quiet operator wherever it flies, with the propeller system helping continue the “airportfriendly” profile of Daher’s TBM aircraft family. Its sound level during takeoff is just 76.4 decibels, thus meeting the latest international noise standards.

5 BladeProp5


The exhaust system was redesigned for the TBM 930 for better efficiency which maximizes the airflow through the engine improving high-altitude performance.

• Airflow Optimization

• Reduced drag

• Improved residual thrust 

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P&WC PT6-66D

The Daher TBM 930 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine. This powerplant’s simple design offers easy maintenance, efficiency and low operational costs and it’s covered by one of the industry’s most extensive support networks. PT6A variants are used on more than 100 different aircraft types. PT6A is recognized as one of the most reliable aircraft powerplants ever built.

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