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Depend on AVEX to help protect your most valuable cargo.

With nearly one million flight hours, the TBM has never suffered an in-flight structural deformation. It’s proven airframe design and reliable engine has afforded the TBM to be one of the safest general aviation aircraft on the market.

AVEX ‘s commitment to safety starts in the shop. Our technicians are trained to slave to the Daher maintenance manual leaving no margin for error when it comes to safety items on your aircraft. We also encourage the Daher recommended training program for transitioning pilots. The two part method includes ground and flight training along with simulator work to ensure that pilots are competent and safe in their new aircraft.

AVEX is proud to support the TBMOPA Safety Committee. AVEX and TBMOPA have joined forces to implement an annual safety seminar to encourage a heighted awareness surrounding cockpit safety and mitigating errors. The annual seminar is recognized by leading underwriters as a proactive approach to reducing TBM accident rates. Learn more about this year's Safety Seminar here.


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Pictured Above: The 2017 AVEX Safety Seminar was a success! We were pleased to host over 90 pilots for the Seminar and proud to report we had 70 TBMs parked on our ramp and in our hangar. We thank everyone that participated this year and hope that if you were unable to make it this year that you will be able to do so next year. 


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