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Depend on the reliability, safety, economy, and flexibility of the TBM 910 & TBM 930 for your business travel. No other 300 + KT aircraft has the operating cost efficiency, the stable resale value, and the 5 Year/Zero maintenance cost warranty that the TBM 910/930 offers. Count on less down time with the TBM’s solidly dependable reputation. The TBM 910 & TBM 930 are not only the fastest certified single engine aircraft with a propeller, but also boasts the widest operating envelope. The TBM 910 & TBM 930 are the only aircraft that can depart out of 2,380 FT strips, carry 900 lbs in the cabin, go 1,739NM and travel at speeds over 320 knots!

Now more than ever, businesses are finding private aircraft more efficient than commercial flights. Many corporations are trading in the plastic bins, metal detectors, full body scans, and shoe removal for a more practical, comfortable way of business travel. The TBM 910 & TBM 930 offer unique capabilities that are specifically beneficial as a business aircraft. The TBM 910 & TBM 930 allow the luxury of a light jet, but does so at significantly reduced operating costs and with far less stringent pilot requirements.

Get closer to your important clients faster. The short field capabilities of the TBM offer the ability to land at shorter runways, getting you closer to the client without compromising payload and speed! The TBM 910 & TBM 930 can fly at speeds of a light jet but can access more than ten times as many airports as commercial airliners, reducing hundreds of hours of non-productive travel time and increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Many aircraft in the TBM fleet are owned and operated as business assets. The TBM 910 & TBM 930 offer specific capabilities that add to the flexibility of the owner’s business plan. Although the TBM was originally designed for the French military, many of the aircraft’s design characteristics are equally utilized in the business realm. The reliability of the TBM allows for minimal downtime, and the performance per dollar cannot be replicated by any other general aviation aircraft. The full de-ice and pressurization systems allow TBM owners the opportunity to fly above the weather and get to more places exactly when they need to be there. Being able to remain close to the customer, the ability get to more meetings over a course of a day, and the flexibility to rearrange schedules without the penalty of excessive last minute fees are just a few reasons why TBM owners enjoy utilizing their planes as business assets.

Tools for the Business Aircraft Purchaser:

Here are a few frequently explored areas of interest for business related aircraft purchases:

Bonus Depreciation- The TBM 910 & TBM 930 are eligible for bonus depreciation. If you qualify you may be able to take advantage of significant tax savings. Call us today see if your business qualifies!

State Board of Equalization Requirements- AVEX is experienced in State Board of Equalization requirements. Let us refer you to our expert tax attorney who can walk you through the process and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

Operating Costs

One important variable in assessing what aircraft works best for your business model is consideration for operating costs. AVEX has developed an extensive maintenance program that will project actual scheduled maintenance costs for the next 5 years for any of AVEX’s exclusively listed aircraft. The report is simple to follow with an annual itemized list and a clear projected hourly operating cost! Click here to see general TBM 910 & TBM 930 operating costs and a sample NDL 5 Year Forecast. Contact us today to receive a 5 year scheduled maintenance operating costs breakdown for any of our exclusively listed aircraft.

Performance Statistics

When buying a business aircraft it is important to consider your mission profile and match an aircraft specifically to your needs. Click here to see some of the TBM 930’s performance capabilities, or contact us today for a free comparison between the TBM 910/930 and any other aircraft you are considering.


The TBM 910 & TBM 930 come with the most extensive warranty available, including:

  • 5 years/ 1,000 hours Zero Maintenance Costs
  • 5 Free Annual Inspections
  • 5 Year Systems Warranty
  • 5 Year Engine Warranty
  • 5 year Avionics Warranty
  • 7 Year Airframe Warranty
International Operations/ Fly Wire/ Customs Decals

Many businesses have a need for flights outside the country prior to receiving the hard card registration from the FAA. AVEX is versed in the application process and offers this service as part of the sale.

Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any other TBM for business questions!
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